Martin Warner is a serial entrepreneur, film producer, inventor and educator.

Warner is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Flix Premiere, an online distribution and streaming service for leading independent films. Flix Premiere is the world's first online cinema for movie enthusiasts seeking a wide array of genre and award winning stories from independent film. Additionally, he is Chairman & Founder of Autonomous Flight, an e-VTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) aircraft business focused on delivering city-based electric air transportation. Formerly, Warner co-founded botObjects, a controversial 3D printing software and hardware manufacturer, which was later acquired in January 2015 by the industry leader, 3D Systems. Warner co-invented full colour 3D desktop printing which was delivered through its ground-breaking product - ProDesk3D. Warner's ProDesk3D product appeared top in T3's Hot 100 products.

Warner is a serial entrepreneur and investor, who has also formed companies for research and development in the areas of enterprise autonomous flight management software (Parcel Fly) and has invested in an inventor's marketplace (Inventors Space).


Previously, Warner founded Tech Entrepreneurs Week - a leading national technology conference held in London. Prior to this, he co-founded and hosted the Technology of Tomorrow online conference series, of which he interviewed business and technology leaders around the world. Warner was one of the key IT transformation leaders behind the software automation movement and business-focus of Enterprise IT Software, leading and helping a global software market to position their software to manage the modern challenges of corporate technology. Through his experiences in banking and management consulting, Warner's visions were soon adopted by key IT enterprise companies like CA, IBM and HP.

Warner frequently comments on his ventures in the media, and has appeared in many major publications, and featured on a number of news network shows.

He resides in London, England, and has a home in the New York area.