Latest Investments

Warner announced his vision to put 1MM drones in the air, to facilitate the delivery of small parcels in every city of the world.

He calls the R&D project Parcel Fly, and believes this giant leap in aviation and wider transportation will connect the world further while achieving great benefits for the planet. He's committed to reducing carbon emissions and the dependency on traditional delivery methods. The product will focus on scalable enterprise-based software to manage customer ordering, stock assignment and real-time flight management.

Warner invested in the concept of a world-wide inventors online marketplace, that facilitates the advancement of inventions, and enables inventors to get the resources and funds they need to ensure inventions get to market. He has alluded to the idea that this kind of marketplace is perhaps one of most significant opportunities the internet can still deliver - bringing inventors and investors together to create new categories of products, solve some of the worlds greatest problems - by connecting the very best resources globally to collaborate more openly on innovations.